Every year at Maker Faire KC, we see some truly amazing projects and ideas that grow into actual projects. In 2016, we were introduced to the SPELLUZZLES – puzzles that spell themselves –  by Gayle. Gayle has since shared with us some exciting news for himself and SPELLUZZLES! Please read on to see the full story of SPELLUZZLES.

From left to right: Ally (granddaughter), Eddie (son-in-law), Gayle Van Durme, Maverick (grandson)


After retiring, Gayle had time to dedicate to his hobby of designing puzzles. Utilizing the Johnson County Library MakerSpace, Gayle used their laser cutter to produce his puzzles. Johnson County’s MakerSpace provided more than just tools for Gayle –  it introduced him to our wide community of Makers in the Kansas City area who encouraged him to show his work at Maker Faire Kansas City.

Based on the positive feedback Gayle received at Maker Faire Kansas City, SPELLUZZLES went on the road to Bentonville, AR. to a craft fair and raised $500 for Make-A-Wish! Continuing to travel, Gayle showed at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair and received a licensing agreement from a national manufacturer.

Gayle attributes some of his success to Maker Faire Kansas City, “As a novice, Maker Faire gave me valuable experience and helped build up my confidence. At Maker Faire, we developed product display skills and we able to assess which puzzle designs were most popular.  We also interfaced with fellow makers and made local business contacts.  In addition, my family and grandkids had a great time helping at the booth and enjoying all the activities.”

The Maker Faire KC Team is always so excited and happy for our Makers when they go “pro”! Please feel free to always share your stories with us at info@makerfairekc.com.

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