BIG NEWS! Strawberry Swing Pops Up at Maker Faire 2017


We’re partnering with The Strawberry Swing to host a POP-UP Swing at Maker Faire Kansas City!

Strawberry Swing is an indie craft* fair full of creatives who are experts at their craft. Recently recognized as one of the Top 35 Craft Fairs in the World by Buzzfeed, it is the Midwest’s celebration of the handmade movement and a perfect partnership for Maker Faire Kansas City as we continue to highlight our community of Makers.

All Craft Makers will apply for Maker Faire Kansas City through the Strawberry Swing. This new Pop-Up Strawberry Swing area will bring all Craft Makers together for a fun, handmade experience. Visit The Strawberry Swing to discover more about them!

*indie craft:  handmade works of art combining traditional craft techniques with modern, off beat and unconventional styles, contexts and subject matters. The culture that has risen from this need for crafters to walk to the beat of their own drum is ‘Indie Craft’.

Images from Holiday Swing 2016 hosted at Union Station Kansas City


Questions, We’ve Got Questions!

We recognize that this may cause some confusion, so here’s a (quick) breakdown if you are unsure where you may land during our Call for Makers application process – opening next week!


Commercial Makers exhibit in various areas of Maker Faire Kansas City, demonstrating what they make and usually offer a hands-on activity; selling is a side-addition to their DIY Demonstration; selling is NOT the focus of their exhibit.


Craft Makers are indie crafters – your primary intent at Maker Faire Kansas City is to sell your handmade, indie craft items. All Pop-Up Craft Makers will be together to create a craft fair environment within Maker Faire Kansas City.

But… I’m still confused; Will you give me an example?

For sure! Let’s say you knit.

If you are a Commercial Maker, your focus would be showing others how to knit – think repeating “Knit One, Purl Two” to tens of thousands of attendees – or if you’re encountering a really enthusiastic attendee a “Slip, Slip, Knit” demonstration for lacework. Let’s assume, you brought samples to reference. Your entire goal was to make sure all these men, women and kids learned the basics of knitting, but hey… they liked your samples so you sell them, which makes you a Commercial Maker. Educate first, sell second (it’s an afterthought).

If you are a Craft Maker, your focus is on selling. You have these ah-mazing lacework knitted gloves, shawls, blankets, sweaters, etc. You just want to share your handmade pieces created with loads of love to tens of thousands attendees. You don’t want to demonstrate your grandfather’s technique on how to get those knits and purls perfectly tightened and aligned, you just want to sell your items. It is a sell-first thought concept.

Need more information about the Call for Makers? Click here!

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