THE CALL IS OPEN for Maker Faire Kansas City 2017 – June 24 & 25.

Do you make, invent, or create….ANYTHING? If so, consider applying to exhibit at Maker Faire! It is the Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth and the perfect place to show off your awesome projects.  Our application deadline is Sunday, May 14. Your projects, inventions, and/or creations do not need to be completed before you apply, but we do encourage you to have really good photos of what you are wanting to demo. Our website has an awesome new feature where we can show-off our Makers and we want to be able to show ALL of you off – but we can’t if photos aren’t good!

Visit our Call for Makers page if you’re confused about what types of projects we are looking for or what category you should apply under. Remember! Maker Faire KC is teaming up with The Strawberry Swing for a Pop-Up Swing for our Craft Makers – so you will need to apply at The Strawberry Swing website.

A few other tips and tricks we have gathered for you with our new application process change:

  • Read EVERYTHING! We know it can be tempting to skip a line or two to get right into the application, BUT all the information is important to know, so please, read everything!
  • Be as descriptive as possible about your project.
  • SPELLCHECK ! Especially your e-mail address; e-mail will be our primary source of communication. If your e-mail is spelled incorrectly, or has an extra space, you could miss your opportunity to show off at the Faire!
  • AGAIN – Prepare good photos, or video content, you can provide with your applications.
  • Do you have questions? – Just ask us! Reach out to us at

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