Have you ever wondered how special effects work in all those movies we see on the big screen? Well… wonder no more!

Maker Faire Kansas City is excited to welcome Science in the Movies to our 2018 Faire! Science in the Movies is going to break down the science behind the biggest booms, the highest falls and the ever-changing weather we see in the movies.

Science in the Movies includes scheduled LIVE SHOWS and ALL DAY interactive, stunt & special effect activities featuring:

  • The Chemistry (and fun) of Movie Snow
  • The Chemistry (and fun) of Movie Rain
  • Movie Special Effects – Pyro and Explosions
  • Stunt Physics High Fall Airbags

Science in the Movies’ mission is to get kids excited about science! They’re accomplishing this goal in Austin, TX and throughout the U.S. “by giving them clear, vivid and memorable examples of key science concepts in action.”


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