It’s that time of year again and, here at Union Station, we’re hard at work getting ready for yet another inventive, explosive and electrifying Maker Faire. We’re taking our cue from the Maker movement—which is all about pushing the boundaries and rethinking the way things have been done in the past in order to create something better—and we can’t wait for you to be a part of the experience!

We’re proud to introduce to you our re-structured Maker Faire team! Don’t worry, you’ll still be seeing your favorites from years past, but we’re adding in fresh talent to shake things up. Prepare to see amazing things from these Maker enthusiasts as they each bring their own unique set of knowledge and ideas to the table.

Here’s a little bit about the people who will be working alongside our Makers and Partners to bring you bigger, better and completely original, as you’ve grown to expect over the years:


Tammy Ruder – Producer

Tammy Ruder has been a part of the Maker Faire team since first stepping into the Union Station Events Manager role in 2016. Bringing with her more than 20 years in the events industry, Tammy is passionate about constantly creating new and different events in the KC area. In her (very limited) spare time, Tammy enjoys sewing and needlework, and brings with her a wealth of entertainment knowledge. This is Tammy’s fourth year in this role.







Ryan Bell – Maker Specialist

Ryan Bell is the Maker Specialist at the Maker Studio at Science City, where she puts both her art degree and teaching experience to work developing maker activities in 3d printing, sewing, electronics, printmaking and many other making areas. Her favorite things to make are wearable electronics, laser cut wood & paper sculptures, and anything out of cardboard. In her free time she enjoys hiking, reading, watching terrible movies, science-ing and tinkering. This is Ryan’s sixth year in this role.




Bryan Azorsky – Maker Liaison

Bryan Azorsky (or just Bryan) is an inventor, entrepreneur & maker of physical and digital products. He’s been developing and designing consumer products for the last 23 years and was awarded his first US Patent in 2018.  His interests span from augmented reality, KC entrepreneurship, and web and graphic design, to Tiki bars and our local burgeoning distilling and craft cocktail scene. This is Bryan’s first year in this role.






Harriet Reymond – Assistant Maker Liaison

Harriet Reymond is a writer, creator, and Maker Faire enthusiast. This is her third year on the coordination side of Maker Faire Kansas City, and she particularly loves the textile and apparel sub-culture of Making. She is passionate about green initiatives, and is thrilled with the way that the Maker movement is challenging our conventional notions of up-cycling. She enjoys mixing patterns (especially leopard print), both cooking and eating, and traveling to new places as often as she can. Harriet is a “no waste” dabbler. This is Harriet’s first year in this role.

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