Print League KC is a creative arts space offering affordable access to printmaking equipment. They offer a variety of fun and educational workshops. Below is more information from Print League KC’s founders, Angie, Ani and Michelle:




What do you make?

Print League KC is a community print shop. We offer classes in all types of techniques related to printmaking—silkscreen, typesetting, woodcuts, copper plate etching, and even paper marbling and bookbinding. If it’s related to prints or paper, you can learn how to do it at Print League KC. We also offer affordable memberships to experienced artists where they can have access to the shop equipment to work on their own projects.


Tell me a little bit about how you got into Making.

We saw a need for a community art space related to printmaking in Kansas City. Printmaking equipment is very cost prohibitive, and specialized, not to mention big and heavy. This makes it extremely difficult for individuals to continue working with printmaking after graduating or for beginners to learn it on their own. We strive to offer an accessible and affordable space for everyone to show that printmaking really can be for everyone, from artist to dabbler.


What do you wish to highlight most about your product or process?

We want to show people how fun printmaking is! Something very unique to printmaking is the moment of excitement that comes from pulling a print. It comes from knowing you made something by hand, that you did something new, and sometimes unexpected.


Have you been a part of Maker Faire in past years? If so, how many?

This is our third year at Maker Faire. We love introducing people to who we are and what we offer.


What are you most excited for about Maker Faire Kansas City this year?

We’re very excited to introduce people to our new line-up of summer classes. For the first time, we are offering a printmaking summer camp for kids 9-12 and a silkscreen camp for teens, in addition to our adult class lineup from Japanese woodcuts to silkscreen and etching.


For more information about Print League KC, click here.

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