Call for Makers Application


Maker Faire showcases the amazing work of all kinds and ages of Makers—anyone who is embracing the do-it-yourself (or do-it-together) spirit and wants to share their accomplishments with an appreciative audience.

The first step to participating in Maker Faire is to submit an entry form. We encourage exhibits that are interactive and highlight the process of making things. Please be as descriptive as possible to speed the application process. After we notify you of acceptance, your booth assistants must fill out their online agreement form and any applicable safety or fire form completes the process of participating in Maker Faire.

All booths are 10’x10′ and are provided 1-8ft table and 2 chairs. Additional items available for an additional fee.

  1. Maker Booths are free! It is a space to demonstrate or show off your project.
  2. Commercial Makers Booths are $200. They exhibit in various areas demonstrating what they make and usually offer a hands-on activity; selling is a side-addition to their DIY Demonstration; selling is NOT the focus of their exhibit.
  3. Young Commercial Maker Booths available for $50; applies to 17 and younger.
  4. Craft Maker Booths are $225. They exhibit in various areas throughout the Faire. Craft Maker Booths are commercial in nature WITHOUT demonstrations.
  5. Non-Profit and Sponsor Booths available as well. Sponsor Booths may vary in size pending level. Visit here for more info.